2013 LIVESTRONG Foundation Annual Report
personal story of a cancer survivor
personal story of a cancer survivor

Never Give Up

Doug Ulman

Sent: Wednesday, September 10, 2014 10:02 AM
To: LIVESTRONG Global Email List
Subject: Never Give Up

Dear Friends,

I want to thank you for your hundreds of emails and letters during this past year. All of us here at the LIVESTRONG Foundation needed to hear from you more than ever. We needed to know what you were thinking, and we even needed to hear your skepticism and concerns. Your words were vital to our work, and we’re proud to say that because of your support, LIVESTRONG touched the lives of more than 395,000 people affected by cancer in 2013. Also because of your support, you helped us weather a tough period and move to the next phase of our evolution.

In the coming year, LIVESTRONG’s future will include finding new partners while embracing our existing friends and continuing to focus on what is important—helping people affected by cancer now. We are building an approach to patient-centered care on the basis of our 17-year history of listening to patients, supporters and caregivers. We will release the results of our latest survey of cancer patients and survivors that is at the core of LIVESTRONG’s programs and will be used by many other organizations as they plan their outreach to help the cancer community.

We will continue supporting innovative ideas and products that focus solely on the cancer patient through our Big C social innovation competition. We’ll be helping cancer patients get back in motion with our LIVESTRONG at the YMCA programs in more than 300 locations around the country. And, as we do every day, we will send out LIVESTRONG Guidebooks for free to those who just heard those difficult words: “You have cancer.”

When we get a letter like the one I received from a childhood friend whose husband recently was diagnosed, my heart breaks. But when I get an email from a stranger thanking us for a great conversation with one of LIVESTRONG’s navigators, it helps lift my spirits. Cancer is not a solo journey—it is a team effort. And at LIVESTRONG, the entire team is ready and willing to assist anyone who needs knowledge, tools, expertise, counsel and informed advice—we are here to help.

So thank you for continuing to believe in LIVESTRONG’s mission. Knowing that you supported our goal to help cancer survivors and caregivers everywhere was extremely important for all of us here at the Foundation. Your words reminded us of the reason we are here. We continue to listen to you and appreciate your honesty, but most of all, we value your loyalty and support.

Your fight is our fight. Always has been, always will be.

Doug Ulman's signature
Doug Ulman,
President and CEO
The LIVESTRONG Foundation

personal story of a cancer survivor
personal story of a cancer survivor

Cancer Touches Everyone

One day, you or someone you know may need cancer support. LIVESTRONG is here to help.

According to the 2012 LIVESTRONG Survey, Cancer Survivors Reported:

  • 71% paid out of pocket for medications, medical equipment and supplies.
  • 55% worried that they would be forced to retire or quit their job before they were ready.
  • 30% went into debt because of their cancer (as did some of their family members).
  • 10% were denied insurance coverage because of their diagnosis.


people are expected to have a history of cancer in the United States in 2020.*


people have a history of cancer today in the United States.*

*According to American Cancer Society’s© Cancer Facts & Figures 2014

personal story of a cancer survivor
personal story of a cancer survivor
  • 50% Men 1:2 Men 1:3 Women are at risk of being diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime in the United States.*
  • 33% Women
  • 93% Fear 93% of 2010 LIVESTRONG Survey respondents experienced fear of recurrence, grief or depression after treatment ended.

*According to American Cancer Society’s© Cancer Facts & Figures 2014

personal story of a cancer survivor
personal story of a cancer survivor

Your Fight is Our Fight Now

The LIVESTRONG Cancer Navigation Center offers free, confidential and personalized support to anyone affected by cancer. This is all possible thanks to your generosity and belief in the LIVESTRONG mission to help cancer survivors everywhere.

personal story of a cancer survivor
personal story of a cancer survivor

Each number here represents the names and faces of people we helped in 2013 thanks to your support. Here at LIVESTRONG, we believe that no one should have to face cancer alone.

personal story of a cancer survivor
personal story of a cancer survivor

The Community Impact Project

Since 2010, The Community Impact Project has granted hospitals and organizations funding to establish proven cancer programs that provide support to patients and caregivers.

Map showing nation wide locations of Community Impact Project programs
  • 90% of programs were able to successfully continue after funding ended.
  • >$4,000,000 in grants given by LIVESTRONG to Community Impact Project programs.
  • >1,200,000 voted to bring cancer programs to their communities through the Community Impact Project website.
  • >200,000 people served through the Community Impact Project.

*The figures in this section represent totals from 2010-2013.

personal story of a cancer survivor
personal story of a cancer survivor

Grassroots Fundraising

Grassroots fundraising is an integral part of the continuation of LIVESTRONG’s mission. Our fundraisers inspire us, and their efforts provide much-needed support to the programs and services we offer.

Kate Voth photo Team Kate running bib.

Team Kate was created in honor of Kate Voth. When cancer stripped away Kate’s ability to run, several friends worked with Team LIVESTRONG to create Team Kate and run in her place at the Austin Marathon. On June 1, 2013, Kate passed away at 27 years old. Her unwavering spirit in the face of debilitating pain is a source of continual inspiration to all who knew her.


members on Team Kate.


miles run by Team Kate members.


raised by Team Kate members in 2013.

personal story of a cancer survivor
personal story of a cancer survivor

Financials and Recognition

Since our inception, we have raised over $580 million for the fight against cancer.


In 2013, 81 cents of every dollar spent went directly to programmatic activities.

In 2013, 81 cents of every dollar spent went directly to programmatic activities.

2013 Revenue


  • 9%
  • In-Kind Revenues
  • $2,554,531
  • 22%
  • Investment Earnings
  • $6,157,601
  • 1%
  • Merchandise Sales
  • $399,598
  • 15%
  • Cause Marketing and Licensing
  • $4,363,072
  • 14%
  • Contributions
  • $4,007,727
  • 39%
  • Event Revenue
  • $11,156,348
  • 39% Event Revenue $11,156,348
  • 22% Investment Earnings $6,157,601
  • 15% Cause Marketing and Licensing $4,363,072
  • 14% Contributions $4,007,727
  • 9% In-Kind Revenues $2,554,531
  • 1% Merchandise Sales $399,598

2013 Programmatic Activities


  • 13%
  • Advocacy and Government Relations
  • $3,702,095
  • 34%
  • Grants
  • $9,698,648
  • 54%
  • Education, Programs and Policy
  • $15,478,149
  • 54% Education, Programs and Policy $15,478,149
  • 34% Grants $9,698,648
  • 13% Advocacy and Government Relations $3,702,095

2013 Functional Expenses


  • 6%
  • Management and General
  • $2,061,010
  • 13%
  • Fundraising
  • $4,555,046
  • 81%
  • Programs
  • $28,878,892
  • 81% Programs $28,878,892
  • 13% Fundraising $4,555,046
  • 6% Management and General $2,061,010

The figures on these pages depict the financial acitivities of the LIVESTRONG Foundation for the 2013 calendar year. Complete copies of the audited financial statements are available upon request from the LIVESTRONG Foundation, 2201 East 6th Street, Austin, TX 78702, or on our website at LIVESTRONG.org.

personal story of a cancer survivor
personal story of a cancer survivor

Statement of Financial Position


Cash and Cash Equivalents 19,832,415
Investment Securities 20,643,435
Endowment Funds and Investments 41,890,991
Accounts Receivable 3,720,329
Deposits, Prepaids and Intangible Assets 1,917,414
Inventory 2,757,115
Property and Equipment, Net 11,924,683
Total Assets $102,686,382


Accounts Payable and Accrued Expenses 1,650,324
Grants Payable 629,072
Deferred Revenue 691,501
Total Liabilities $2,970,897

Net Assets

Unrestricted 75,866,382
Temporarily Restricted 11,180,319
Permanently Restricted 12,668,784
Total Net Assets $99,715,485
Total Liabilities and Net Assets $102,686,382

Board of Directors


  • Jeffery C. Garvey, Austin, Texas Chairman And Founding Chair
  • Michael Sherwin, Cleveland, Ohio Vice Chair
  • Blaine P. Rollins, Denver, Colorado Secretary
  • Amelie G. Ramirez, Dr. P.H., San Antonio, Texas Treasurer
  • Joseph C. Aragona, Austin, Texas Executive Committee Member
  • David Johnson, M.D., Dallas, Texas Executive Committee Member

Board Members

  • Candice Aaron, Dallas, Texas
  • J. Dennis Cavner, Austin, Texas
  • Julian Day, Fort Worth, Texas
  • Harold P. Freeman, M.D., New York, New York
  • Sanjay Gupta, M.D., Atlanta, Georgia
  • Mark McKinnon, Austin, Texas*
  • Craig Nichols, M.D., Portland, Oregon
  • Jeremiah Robins, San Diego, California & Shanghai, China
  • Mitchell Stoller, Washington, DC
  • E. Lee Walker, Austin, Texas

* McKinnon: Emeritus as of 12/31/13

personal story of a cancer survivor
personal story of a cancer survivor


Below is a list of donors who have made a significant contribution to the LIVESTRONG Foundation. We are appreciative of every donation, big and small, as they directly support our mission to help cancer survivors everywhere.

Named and Endowed Special-Purpose Funds

American Century Investments Endowment Fund $540,199
Andrea Leigh Tomlinson - Planet Cancer Fund $367,334
Barbara Dungey Memorial Fund $29,919
Betsy H. Schofield Memorial Fund $1,110,042
Christine Pratt Memorial Fund $33,138
Coxe Family Fund $1,318,940
CVCCA - Parker’s Team $68,085
Dana Jay Lesnever Memorial Fund $57,735
David Knaggs Endowment $60,677
Dell Children’s Hospital Gift in Honor of Sandra Aragona $330,643
Dick Dyhrman Memorial $42,099
Elizabeth Lausmann Jacobs Memorial Fund $30,805
Gupta Family Fund $32,059
Hammer Family Fund $51,902
Hecht Fund $29,719
In Honor of Betty Otter-Nickerson $55,690
In Honor of Heidi Adams $26,041
In Honor of James “Jimmy” Baumoel $38,433
In Honor of Kathleen B & James N Sherwin $46,595
In Honor of Kevin “k2” Kerwin $30,383
In Honor of Lawrence S. “Larry” Dolin $31,209
In Honor of Michael R. Henry $34,042
In Honor of Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital, Cleveland, OH $34,839
In Honor of Renee Nicholas $44,875
In Honor of Sharon Mooney $37,835
In Honor of Stephen M. O’Leary $272,339
In Honor of the Staff of the LIVESTRONG Foundation $121,336
In Honor of Thomas F. Slater $37,447
In Honor of Wesley Edwards $36,448
J and A Racing Endowment Fund $25,763
Jeannette J. Jehl Memorial Fund $120,192
Jennifer Smith Collison and Ward Smith Memorial Fund $34,845
John & LaNell Boaz Family Fund $26,735
Karen and Everett Cook Endowment Fund $335,374
Kate Voth Memorial Fund $25,767
Kawaja/Holcombe Family Fund $73,069
Kaya Knerly LIVESTRONG Foundation Endowment Fund $33,662
Keizo Shimano Memorial Fund $39,298
Kennedy/Marshall Endowment Fund $153,004
Larry and Dr. Nancy O’Reilly, Lauren, Leigh, Ragan Family Fund $1,776,776
Leanne Jones LIVESTRONG Memorial Fund $34,042
Lee Family Fund $84,669
Lydia Hunter-Reay Memorial Fund $30,397
Marshall G. Lutz Endowment Fund $61,606
Martha Southern Hirsch Memorial Fund $39,188
McKinnon Family Fund $32,489
Michael W. Lotz Memorial Fund $116,344
Nike Endowment Fund $122,096
Oakley Endowment Fund $635,037
Pledged, Paid & Undesignated $52,661
RadioShack Endowment Fund $122,096
Rise Above It (RAI), In Memory of Colin O’Donoghue $28,832
Ronette Espinoza Memorial Fund $37,204
Ryan Phua Memorial Fund $665,889
Stephanie Robins Memorial Fund $742,934
Susan E. Kuhn, Cyrus T. Wingate and Sevilla M. Trevisani and Thomas P. Trevisani, II Family Fund $29,415
The Armstrong Family Fund $1,330,986
The Bill Passey Family Fund $33,668
The Hamilton Jordan Fund $119,149
The McPhail Family Endowment $29,234
The Rollins Family Fund $229,402
The Sophia Kolevich Remembrance Fund $35,506
The Ulman Family Endowment $40,532
The Wade F. B. Thompson Endowment Fund $122,096
Undesignated Endowment Funds $264,787
Wood/Braunstein Family Fund $33,232
personal story of a cancer survivor
personal story of a cancer survivor

President’s Circle

The President’s Circle is a unique giving society that capitalizes on the Foundation’s mission-focused opportunities. Members of the President’s Circle give unrestricted “venture funds” which will be targeted at opportunities where other funding is not always readily available. Unrestricted gifts, which may be used at the discretion of the president, are especially effective in helping to promote our mission and to position the LIVESTRONG Foundation as a global leader in the fight against cancer.

  • Candice and Brent Aaron
  • April, Jeremy and Jake Anderson
  • Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann
  • The Armstrong Family
  • Richard C. Barker
  • Marla Bommarito-Crouch
  • John and LaNell Boaz
  • Doug and Mary Bowden
  • Survivor Summit 2012
  • Jeff Castelaz and Jo Ann Thrailkill
  • Dennis and Chris Cavner
  • Wendy Chioji
  • Patrick J. Connell
  • Tiffany A. Craven
  • Chris and Cara Dodson
  • Scott and Jennifer Donaldson
  • Ryan Dungey
  • James W. and Richelle Fatheree
  • The Fitzgibbon Family Fund
  • Will and Laurens Flanagan
  • Maria and Sandy Fleschman
  • Amy and Jerry Frostick
  • The Garofalo Family
  • Michael Goldberg
  • The Gooch Family
  • Laura and Morris Gottesman
  • Cindy and Bill Graf
  • The Griffeth Family
  • Sanjay and Rebecca Gupta
  • Bob, Kim, Shayna and Josh Hammer
  • The Hayes-Lattin Family
  • Phillippe G. Hills and David W. Hanson
  • Lydia Hunter-Reay
  • Craig Kahler
  • Tom and Elizabeth Kaplan
  • Kawaja/Holcombe Family Fund
  • Jerry and Angie Kelly
  • The Kelly Brothers
  • Bob Kiesendahl
  • Bart and Barbara Knaggs
  • Josie E. Knight
  • Susan and Mark Kolman
  • Laura and Stuart Litwin
  • Kimi Lotz and Lisa Goyne
  • Spencer and Susan Lueders
  • Rebecca L. and John F. Luman III
  • Bruce Lutz
  • The Malloy Family
  • Dr. Marcy Mann
  • Mark and Annie McKinnon
  • MilePoint
  • Andy Miller and Brian Stephens
  • Adam and Camille Moore
  • Jeff and Jeri Mulder
  • Dr. Craig and Ellen Nichols
  • Charlie and Mary Beth O'Reilly
  • Betty Otter-Nickerson
  • Katie and Kyle Oudt
  • Amber and Tony Paquette
  • Bill Passey
  • Mona Patel
  • Rise Above It (RAI)
  • Alexandra and Robbie Robinette
  • Joe C. Ross
  • Dr. and Mrs. Corey Rothrock
  • Christopher Sacca
  • Stephen Saunders
  • Scott and Katie Schofield
  • The Seach Family
  • Kozo and Martha Shimano
  • Alexander and Irene Shoghi
  • Silver Oak Cellars/Twomey Cellars
  • Lydia and Michael Slaby
  • The Spaw Family Foundation
  • The Stapleton Family
  • Peter Tapscott and Patt Baenen-Tapscott
  • Anthony S. Tortorelli
  • Doug Ulman
  • Urology Austin
  • Suzanne and Marc Winkelman
  • Steve and Heather Wolf
  • Jack and Cari Wood
  • Julian Yap

Founders’ Circle

Closed on December 31, 2002, the Founder’s Circle brought together entrepreneurial stewards who understood our passion and made a difference through donations of $500,000 or more. The LIVESTRONG Foundation honors these individuals in perpetuity for their generosity and continued support.

  • Anonymous
  • Aragona Family Foundation
  • The Armstrong Family
  • Tench Coxe and Simone Otus-Coxe
  • Mrs. Jane Frazier
  • Jeff and Bonita Garvey
  • Steve Hicks and Donna Stockton-Hicks
  • James C. Kennedy
  • Kramer Foundation
  • Robyn and Craig Malloy
  • Jean M. Schuler
  • Andrew T. Sheehan
  • Mike and Carol Sherwin
  • Brad A. Silverberg
  • Angela and Morton Topfer
  • E. Lee Walker and Jennifer Vickers
  • Thomas Weisel
  • Windfall Foundation

7 Society

The 7 Society recognizes individuals and organizations who have made an extraordinary financial commitment to the LIVESTRONG Foundation. Each member of this group has a cumulative giving commitment totaling $1 million or more to the global fight against cancer.

  • Anonymous
  • Nike
  • American Century Investments
  • AMD
  • Lance Armstrong
  • O’Reilly Family Foundation
  • Eve and Ellis Short
  • Oakley
  • Sandra and Joe Aragona
  • Tench Coxe and Simone Otus-Coxe
  • Jeff and Bonita Garvey
  • Carol and Mike Sherwin
  • Nav Sooch
  • Laura and Casey Wasserman
  • Anonymous
  • Elizabeth and Blaine Rollins
  • Genentech
  • RadioShack
  • Movember
  • 24 Hours of Booty
  • Scott and Katie Schofield
  • Demand Media
  • Johnson Health Tech
  • Trek
  • 4 Yellow Foundation
personal story of a cancer survivor
personal story of a cancer survivor

Thank you for your support of LIVESTRONG’s mission to help those affected by cancer now. Without you, we would not be able to help cancer survivors and their loved ones through such a difficult and overwhelming period in their lives. We are forever grateful for the generosity of our donors. Your gift makes a meaningful and lasting impact.

If you or someone you know is facing cancer, please call our LIVESTRONG Navigation Center for free one-on-one support and assistance. No one needs to face cancer alone. Get the help you deserve at LIVESTRONG.org/WeCanHelp or call us toll-free at 855-220-7777.